Sand Pool System

Building, fixing, conversion and refurbishment of swimming pools. Wide range of products, colours and textures. Our building systems allow both rustic and extremely modern styles. Simplicity in execution thanks to our highly technically developed products. Design and landscaping. Replication of nature in its very same settings. Maximum resistance guarantee for all our products.

Decoration with natural oxidees. Real textures. Maximum control of natural elements. Decorative, waterproofing, hydrating protectors for natural bases. Natural product-based and 100% environmentally friendly. Resin-based applying means using a foreign body and not 100% compatible with wood.

Ship decking, pergolas, flooring. Protectors for natural fired clay. Protection, decoration, waterproofing, grease repelling and easy application. Not film forming, nor subsequent crazing nor scaling in the finish.


Finish sand pools multilayer system. High decoration and effectiveness. pdf