Gardenia Química

Since 1995, is the leading company in the production of additives and medium for ceramic decoration.

Research, constant renovation and on-demand service quickly made Gardenia reach the leading position in the Spanish production of ceramic additives.

Production process

Efficient, high quality, fast service.

Gardenia is ready to deliver the automation, capacity and flexibility levels which ensure global customer service, providing totally efficient, high quality and fast service.


Constant innovation and totally customized service.

We aim at constantly offering new solutions to the new challenges emerging from the ceramic market, adapting to new times and new customers.

The environment

A strong commitment with the environment.

Our commitment with the environment makes us evaluate and finally select only those raw materials and processes which minimize the impact on the environment.


Towards continuous improvement

A complex structure, takes Gardenia Química to the leading position in terms of innovation and forward-looking spirit.

Worldwide Presence

Remarkable worldwide presence, supporting the tile and building sectors and helping them grow and compete.